Valencia Drain Cleaning

If you have a clogged, sluggish or problem drain of any kind call the drain pros at Valencia Plumbing - we’ll have things flowing smoothly in no time!

Valencia Drain Cleaning

Residential, commercial or industrial, no drain problem is too large or too small for our drain cleaning professionals and our leading-edge, clog-busting equipment.

Did you know that it takes the right skill and proper equipment to do an effective, long lasting and thorough drain cleaning job? We understand that this is not exactly the topic of most dinner conversations so here are a few tips to help you choose the right company when the need arises...

Don’t make it messier than it already is

Drain cleaning is not everyone’s favorite job - especially if inexperienced and ill-equipped. It can be difficult and messy...

As such, some plumbers have been known to do a “rush job” so they can get in and out quickly and move on to the next job. It could also be a matter of who happens to be in the area with the closest available truck, regardless of what type equipment may or may not be onboard.
Sometimes it’s even a less-experienced helper rather than one of the licensed plumbers that shows up.

The results are in

What often happens in these scenarios is that the plumber/helper will snake out the drain the best they can with whatever they have on hand. They open the clogged drain and off they go - until the next time. This often results in just punching a small hole through the middle of the clog which is basically just a temporary fix.

Don’t just punch and run

We’ve gone in behind these drain cleaners on the same “problem” drains a number of times. In many cases we concluded that the drains were simply not cleaned thoroughly enough. This could have involved using the wrong equipment, an undersized cleaning head attachment or simply not taking the necessary time to do a good job.

There’s actually a huge difference between unclogging and cleaning a drain line. A skilled drain cleaning professional will have a clear understanding of plumbing, know what size and type of drain he’s dealing with and even the likely cause of the clog. Then he can use the most appropriate drain cleaning equipment with the correct-size and type of cutting head to perform a thorough cleaning job that will last much longer.

This is a little more involved than most folks realize

Rather than a “punch and run” drain stoppage approach, our customers receive a thorough drain cleaning with the proper power cleaning equipment, operated by a skilled professional who will do a great cleaning job the first time around.

Call Valencia Rooter service - we promise to leave you with a big smile, not a mess...

Following is a guide on the most common drain cleaning jobs and likely causes...

Kitchen sink drains:
This is the most used drain in the house and is typically shared by a dishwasher and garbage disposal. The most common problem is grease accumulation from soaps, greases, detergents and fats.

Tips: Use your strainers and be careful what goes down the drain. If washing by hand, scrape the worst of the food scraps off the plates into the garbage container or compost bag.

If you have a garbage disposal be careful not to overload it with more than it can handle. Use plenty of COLD water during grinding and for several seconds afterwards to be sure food waste is washed way.

Note: an old worn out or cheap disposal can do more harm than good by sending chunks and bits of food down the drain. A good disposal will have 2 or even 3 grind chambers which will effectively liquefy food waste which helps sink drains to stay open. For a free quote and expert advice on the best disposals on the market, give us a call today!

Shower and tub drains:
Nobody likes standing in dirty water when showering or waiting all day for a tub to empty. The culprit is typically a gradual build of soap, shampoo and hair. Keep a good strainer in place over the drain outlet and frequently clean the hair off rather than allowing it to go down the drain.

Bathroom sink drains:
These are normally slowed by the buildup of slime that’s caused by the accumulation of soap and toothpaste. Use plenty of water when spitting out your toothpaste and remove the stopper and clean it on occasion.

Toilet drains:
Many times a stopped up toilet is an isolated issue caused by too much paper being used or an item being dropped into the bowl such as a child’s toy or a toothbrush. The easiest thing to do in a busy bathroom is to simply keep the lid down when not in use (and go easy on the paper).

If you have a “sluggish flusher” the toilet itself could be at fault. Often, all that’s needed is a toilet repair. In other cases a new toilet may be in order. The good news is that the newer models are required to conserve water so you’ll likely see a noticeable difference on your monthly statement.

The trick here is to get the right model. As one can imagine, with lower water usage some brands can be poor performers. That’s where we can help - we know exactly which toilets you should buy, and which to stay away from. Give us a call for a free quote and helpful advice!

Another thing to watch out for with a toilet stoppage is to determine if it’s an isolated issue or a main drain stoppage. If the latter, you should also notice water standing in nearby tubs or showers as well (being the lowest fixtures to the floor). Also, the toilet which is closest to the main sewer is typically the first one to back up.

If such is the case, cease using water and call Valencia right away to promptly take care of the problem!

Main sewer stoppages
This is the main drain which carries all of your home’s waste water from the house to the street sewer tap. This would be the more serious of the stoppages and should be tended to as soon as possible. The symptoms are noted in the toilet stoppage section just above. If on a private septic system, the problem could also be in your septic tank or drain-field.

Whatever the drain problem, we are standing by to serve you 24/7/365.

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