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Just like anything else that’s subject to many years of use, sewer pipes degrade and wear out. This is the large, main drain that carries your entire home’s sewage waste to the municipal sewer main at the street tap.

For decades the pipes used for sewer installations were made from cast iron, clay or Orangeburg (bituminous fiber) piping. Over the years, as millions have already experienced, these pipes will build up inside with rust, corrode through, become infested with roots or collapse, depending on the material used, age and soil conditions.

This presents two conditions that you should be aware of:

  • An emergency situation. A main sewer stoppage typically happens suddenly and at inopportune times; families cannot function for very long in a home where you cannot clean up, bathe or flush a toilet.
  • No time to research. This not a good time to desperately go shopping around for the best price and plumber to rectify the situation. And you definitely don’t have the time to research what your options are in regards to the best approach to take when a sewer needs to be replaced.

Because of this, many homeowners have been “taken to the cleaners” by contractors who have eagerly jumped in and replaced their worn out, plugged up sewers by traditional means - large backhoes and massive excavations!

Now there’s nothing wrong with this method, per se’. It’s just fine for new construction or for homes where the yard is a wide-open stretch from the house to the street and perhaps the homeowners could care less about their lawn or landscaping (or maybe there just isn’t any).

But what about when there are obstacles?

A lot may have happened since your sewer was originally installed. For example we have countless customers who have gorgeous, fully-landscaped, mature lawns and gardens. It would be a travesty to tear all of that up by using a backhoe to excavate a long, deep trench right through the middle of everything in order to replace the old, worn-out sewer line below ground.

It could also get much worse when you consider potential sidewalks, driveways, trees, steps, outbuildings and other obstacles. The resulting damage and restoration often ends up costing a lot more than the actual sewer replacement!

Did you know that 79% of homeowners are unaware that trenchless options for sewer replacements are even available? (Fortunately for you, you are now a member of the “knowledgeable 21%” group.)

This recent poll by Angie’s List is only topped by the fact that the vast majority of plumbing contractors do not possess the necessary special equipment, technology and training to perform the environmentally-friendly trenchless digging alternative. Additionally, many are indeed so eager to “get the job” that they’ve been known to willingly “withhold” this information from their customers and simply jump in with their backhoe machinery and crew and start digging (and digging, and digging - while destroying any property in their path during the process)...

There IS a better way - and we at Valencia can help!

We have the technology, special equipment, and experience to perform trenchless digging and sewer replacement which can ultimately save you a lot of grief along with thousands of dollars in needless property damage!

The secret is in the planning.

Now that you are aware of a better way, you may wish to consider planning ahead so you can know exactly where you stand and what to expect. No surprises, sticker shock or last minute emergencies. This is especially important if you live in an older home or have experienced main sewer stoppages in the past - it could just be a matter of time...

Give us a call or fill out the contact form for a free consultation.

If you wish we can perform an economical “inner piping scan” of the entire length of your sewer. Just like a physician, our “plumbing doctors” can then advise you of the exact condition of your sewer from the inside and suggest any course of action that may be needed. This is great information to know: why worry and wonder when you can know and plan?

Got roots?

Cutting them out with a sewer auger machine is necessary in a pinch - but what about long-term relief? Think of cutting roots as you would when cutting hair. You can be assured that they will grow back. Apart from the unpleasant experience and inopportune sewer stoppages, there are also costs to consider. A better investment may be to divert these inevitable funds towards the replacement of your problem sewer and solve the problem once and for all.

So just how does trenchless digging work?

There are two systems. First is CIPP - Cured-In-Place-Pipe. This process involves using a fiberglass tube which is coated with epoxy resin and inserted into the damaged pipe. It is then blown up like a balloon. After a few hours the epoxy cures and hardens, effectively creating a “pipe within a pipe.” You end up with a slick, free-flowing sewer line which is better and stronger than the host pipe.

Think “plumbing angioplasty,” similar to what a physician does when he/she repairs a part of the artery from the inside.

Another method for trenchless sewer replacement is called “pipe bursting.” This involves digging two access holes on either end of the lateral pipe and using special equipment to pull a new pipe through the old one while simultaneously fracturing it outward.

Here’s a quick review of the trenchless digging benefits.

Trenchless digging is much more environmentally friendly, preserving beautiful lawns, lush landscaping and trees, not to mention sidewalks, driveways and whatever other obstacles that might otherwise be damaged or destroyed. The entire job can be accomplished and look as though it never even happened!

Risk prevention:
Save potential unforeseen damage to underground obstacles. Without even realizing until it’s too late, a huge backhoe can slice through irrigation lines, water mains, gas lines, phone lines, cable and electric. This could be very costly, inconvenient and even dangerous!

Time savings:
When compared to the traditional trenching and excavation method, trenchless digging saves precious time - and time is money. Here are two related bonuses

  • First, you are “back in business” a lot sooner - how do you spell relief?
  • Second, consider all of the extra time involved in restoration work after a backhoe has been used, subsequently destroying everything in its path.

Financial savings.
By now you should be aware that this is a “given.” Due to the technology, training, special equipment and materials cost, your savings is not typically from the actual sewer replacement, but rather from the lack of lateral damage. Our licensed and insured trenchless digging experts will carefully and skillfully perform the work with little to no resulting structural or landscaping damage.

A superior sewer line.
Main line stoppages, roots, multiple joints, rust, rot and collapse will be a thing of the past. Picture the inside of your pipe as one long, continuous, slippery-smooth, corrosion-free tube from your house to the street tap. A brand new disposal system that will surely outlast either one of us...

Speak with an expert.
Contact Valencia today for a no-cost consultation. Be prepared, not surprised and know just where you stand. Your new-found knowledge could give you some peace of mind and potentially save you thousands when the time comes!

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